Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the tribunal may make more than one award at different times on different aspects of the matters to be determined: s.47(1).

The parties are free to agree on the form of an award. Failing agreement, the award must be in writing signed by all the arbitrators or all those assenting to the award; contain the reasons for the award unless it is an agreed award or the parties have agreed to dispense with reasons; and state the seat of the arbitration and the date when the award is made: s.52.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties:

where the seat of the arbitration is in England and Wales or Northern Ireland, any award in the proceedings will be treated as made there, regardless of where it was signed, despatched or delivered to the parties: s.53

the tribunal can decide what date is to be taken as to when the award was made. Otherwise, the date of the award is taken to be the date on which it is signed by the arbitrator or, where more than one arbitrator signs the award, by the last of them: s.54

the award will be notified to the parties by service on them without delay of copies of the award: s.55.