Our Mission

Lexbiblio is the largest online source of free legal guidance as to the law of England & Wales available. It is intended to be useful to non-lawyers (and perhaps occasionally lawyers) in assisting them by explaining the law as it might apply to a given situation or dispute. To access the content simply click on one of the 40 subject areas on the Home Page in order to read the free subject guides. Hopefully, you will find the answer to your dispute, or query, in the content.

It is very difficult to determine whether or not a given lawyer is suited, or suitable, for a given dispute, or instruction. Does a given lawyer specialise in the area of law, or is he/she a generalist? How much is he/she likely to charge per hour? Does he/she have a good record of winning his/her previous cases? How many reported cases in a given area of law has a given law firm actually been instructed in in recent years? It is often difficult for a non-lawyer to know where to start when deciding which law firm, or barrister, to instruct. In many cases instructing an able specialist lawyer, or barrister, can be an important, and often determinative, factor in the outcome of the dispute. It is therefore important to select your lawyers on an informed basis. Lexbiblio gives you all the information you might need in its tables.

This is why Lexbiblio has produced “Solicitors Rating Tables” and Barristers Rating Tables” which provide independent, and objective, assessments of all the leading law firms and barristers in England and Wales, based on an analysis of the outcomes of reported (mostly High Court and Court of Appeal) cases where there is a publicly available judgment, so that you can select your lawyer on an “informed” basis.

Solicitors Rating Tables

Lexbiblio provides independently assessed “Solicitors Rating Tables” for each of the 40 subject areas covered. Each solicitors firm in a given speciality is ranked by an objective assessment of whether they have “won”, “lost”, or “drawn” in reported cases since 2014 in order to arrive at a “win-loss ratio” (which is a percentage marked out of 100). Therefore, the more publicly reported cases a solicitors’ firm has won, the higher up the table will be the ranking of that firm for that area of law. The assessment also attaches weight to the number (or volume) of cases a solicitors firm has been instructed in, so that the more cases a solicitors’ firm has been instructed in, the higher the ranking. So, if a solicitors firm has been involved in the most cases, and has won the most cases, it will top the table – and be given the highest “lexbiblio rating” (which again is a rating out of 100). This data is drawn from publicly available real reported cases decided since 2014. This data analysis is unique to Lexbiblio; and is, in our view, significantly more reliable than any other available means of deciding which are suitable lawyers to instruct. The Solicitors Rating Tables will also tell you how much a given firm ought to be charging per hour (in our view); and also identifies the “star performers” in any given firm. There is also a link to the solicitors firm website so that, if you are interested in knowing more about a given law firm, you can click through the link to the firm’s web-page.

Barristers Rating Tables

Lexbiblio has independently assessed barristers in Barristers Rating Tables” for each subject area. As with the Solicitors Rating Tables, the Barristers ratings are based on Lexbiblio’s analysis of the barristers who most often appear in winning (High Court and Court of Appeal) cases in a given subject area. The Barristers Rating Tables are divided up into “Queens Counsel” (QC) and “Junior Barristers”.

Lexbiblio BESPOKE

Lexbiblio provides a “Lexbiblio BESPOKE” service. If you require assistance in order to select a specialist Solicitor for your dispute, or a Specialist Barrister, contact us and we will, in complete confidence, seek to provide with names of specialist lawyers we feel will be best suited to your case based on the factual background to your particular dispute and which lawyer would be best suited to your case.


Lexbiblio offers for sale (£10 per precedent) over 850 precedents for most situations that you will come across in any dispute that engages English law. If you (perhaps to save costs) wish to adapt the legal precedents for your own particular needs, then select the precedent you need (see Schedule of Precedents), go through the online ordering process (£10 per precedent), and the precedent will be emailed to you (in a word document) so you can use it and adapt as appropriate. Please however take note of our disclaimer as to use and adaption of our precedents.